What services do you provide?

I work with adults providing individual, couples, and family therapy.

Where are you located?

I am in the New York City area. I provide in-person and/or virtual sessions via a secure online platform for persons who reside in New York and New Jersey.

How often will we meet?

I recommend making the commitment to meet on a weekly basis. This will help us build rapport and create the sense of safety needed in a therapeutic relationship. However, session frequency is tailored to meet your needs and we can decide this together.

Do you accept insurance?

I currently do not participate with insurance plans but can provide a monthly invoice for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement of services.

How do I pay for my sessions?

Payment for sessions can be submitted electronically (credit/debit card) and payment is due on or before scheduled session.

How much are the sessions?

My fees vary based on the service provided. This can be discussed during the consultation.

How long will I need therapy?

Good question! Keep in mind therapy is a non-linear process. It will depend on your unique goals and needs. We will work collaboratively to determine when to close our journey together.